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Consumer Reports – Best Snow Blowers Reviews & Buying Guide

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With the arrival of winter, many parts of America start receiving snowfall, with some states receiving mild snowfall, while others receiving heavy snow that disturbs the routine of people.

As the winter season intensifies, the majority of states are covered in a thick blanket of snow, making it very difficult for people to perform their day-to-day activities.

In the blistering cold, shoveling snow by hand takes time, effort, and energy, and when there are machines like snow blowers available on the market, the need to shovel snow doesn’t make sense.

Don’t indulge in manual shoveling if you are dealing with back pain because it will only aggravate the pain.

You can quickly get rid of the snow from driveways and get on with your job, provided your car turns on quickly. If your car’s battery is dead, then you will have to charge it using the best car battery charger.

Choosing the right snow blower can be tricky, but don’t worry, as you can easily buy one after going through consumer reports of best snow blowers in the section below.   

Snow Blower Reviews In Detail
1. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow Blower Kit

Snow Joe is a renowned name in the field of snow blowers. This model is equipped with a 1200-watt brushless motor that is capable of cleaning up to 14 tons of snow per charge.

The snow blower has a durable body with a 4-blade rubber-tipped steel auger, which ensures quick clearing of snow on a path that is 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep in a single pass.

This is one of the most powerful snow blowers available on the market, with 48 volts of power provided by a couple of 4. 0 Ah batteries.

These batteries allow the snow blower to run for 40 minutes before being recharged. You can use this snow blower at night as well, thanks to the included 2-watt LED headlight, which illuminates everything right ahead of the snow blower.

The company has equipped the snow blower with an adjustable chute crank, which seamlessly rotates the chute up to 180 degrees to throw snow as far as 20 feet from the main road.

To extract the best performance from this snow blower, make sure to use 24-volt li-ion batteries of 4. 0 Ah or higher sold by Snow Joe.

2. Briggs & Stratton 1022E Single-Stage Snow Blower

Have a look at this snow blower from Briggs & Stratton, which can help you clear snow from paths in the quickest of times.

The snow blower boasts a 22 inches wide clearing path with a decent intake height of 12.5 inches.

This is a 950-snow series of snow blowers developed by Briggs & Stratton that is equipped with a powerful 208cc engine, which has 9.5 ft. lbs., of torque.

The snow blower boasts an electric start, which allows effortless operation even in extreme weather conditions.

The inclusion of a polymer auger helps clear the snow quickly, plus this auger is wear-resistant, thus letting you use it year after year.

You can easily rotate the chute included in this snow blower using the quick deflector to throw the snow at a larger distance.

Moving this snow blower is very easy, thanks to the large wheels having a size of 8×2 inches. The snow blower operates on gas fuel but produces very little pollution and noise.

The company provides 3-year limited warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

3. Husqvarna ST327 Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower With Power Steering

Husqvarna brings to you a highly powerful snow blower that runs on gas fuel. It is equipped with a two-stage system, which means it accumulates snow using an auger, which is then discharged through the chute with the help of an impeller.

The durable impeller incorporates 4 blades for a quick breakdown of tough snow. You can easily change the chute direction, courtesy of the tie strap auger that comes with a lever on the panel.

The auger is covered with ball bearings, which ensures the smooth running of the machine for years to come. The snow blower features a power steering that features trigger control for excellent maneuverability in harsh weather conditions.

The company has added a top-quality battery in this snow blower with an incredible starter system that won’t let you experience a dead battery.

The inclusion of a boron steel scraper allows optimum durability during the snow removal process. All you need to do is connect the snow blower to a power outlet followed by starting the engine by pressing a button.

You can also use this snow blower at night, thanks to the LED headlight, which is surprisingly bright. You will also like the inclusion of heated handle grips to ensure a comfortable operation in harsh weather conditions.

4. PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Blower

Here is another top-class snow blower, which promises a lot and fulfills it rightfully. The snow blower features a 212cc engine, which ensures fast and efficient clearing of the snow.

There are several useful features incorporated into this snow blower, which include electric start and recoil start where you need to push a button or just pull to start the snow blower respectively.

This is a 2-stage snow blower, which consists of an all-steel auger that cuts through tough snow, which then is thrown away from the chute to prevent clogging. The snow is thrown away at a distance of up to 40 feet.

The snow blower has a maximum clearing width of 24 inches and a depth of 20 inches. With this machine, you can clear up driveways that hold up to 10 cars covered in up to 10 inches of snow.

The snow blower is a self-propelled system that features 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds that add to your convenience while driving.

The snow blower can be installed on any type of terrain, thanks to 13 inches of inflatable tires that have deep snow tread bites.

You can drive this snow blower on slippery terrain, gravel, asphalt, and concrete surfaces.

You will get a 2-year warranty on the snow blower along with free lifetime support from the company, which adds a lot of confidence to customers.

5. EGO Power+ SNT2112 Peak Power Snow Blower With Steel Auger

Check out this powerful snow blower from EGO Power+, which is equipped with Peak Power Technology along with 2 EGO 65-volt ARC lithium batteries to deliver incredible power to the machine as it throws the snow away from pathways.

The snow blower features a steel auger with variable speed control, which cuts through the snow 50% faster than other snow blowers.

The machine throws snow up to 40 feet, and such amazing power comes from the highly-efficient brushless motor that this snow blower comes with.

With a clearing width of 21 inches, you can expect properly cleaned pathways. The snow blower is made of heavy-duty steel, which allows it to withstand all kinds of weather conditions efficiently.

The inclusion of 2 bright LED headlights gives much better visibility at night, thus letting you remove snow from pathways even when it is dark.

The chute is mounted on the handle makes it very convenient to use, plus you can fully adjust it according to your requirements.

The machine comes with a quick-fold handle, which allows you to store it in confined spaces of the house.

How To Start A Snowblower

Starting a snowblower can be intimidating, especially if you are new to using one. Here are some steps to follow to start a snowblower:

Read the manual

Before starting a snowblower, read the manual thoroughly to understand the safety precautions and operating instructions. This will ensure that you use the snowblower safely and effectively.

Check the fuel level

Make sure the snowblower has enough fuel to operate. If it doesn’t, add fresh gasoline to the tank.

Check the oil level

Check the oil level in the snowblower engine. If it is low, add oil as needed.

Check the spark plug

Check the spark plug if it is clean or not. If it is dirty or damaged, replace it with a new one.

Adjust the choke and throttle

Adjust the choke and throttle to the recommended settings for starting the snowblower. This will ensure that the engine starts easily and runs smoothly.

Prime the engine

Prime the engine by pressing the primer bulb several times. This will help the engine start more easily.

Pull the starter cord

Slowly pull the starter cord to start the engine. If the engine fails to start even after a few pulls, then you should wait for a few minutes and try again.

Adjust the speed and direction

As the engine starts, adjust the speed and direction of the snowblower to suit the snow conditions and your needs.

How To Use A Snowblower

Using a snowblower can save you time and effort when clearing snow from your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Here are some steps to follow when using a snowblower:

Clear the area

Before using a snowblower, clear the area of any obstacles, such as rocks, toys, or branches, that can damage the machine or cause injury.

Adjust the chute and deflector

Adjust the chute and deflector to the desired direction and angle for throwing the snow. Most snowblowers have a joystick or lever that allows you to adjust the chute and deflector easily.

Start the engine

Start the engine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the engine to warm up for a few minutes before using the snowblower.

Engage the auger

Engage the auger by pulling the lever or pressing the button that activates the snowblower blades. This will pick up the snow and throw it out of the chute.

Adjust the speed

Adjust the speed of the snowblower to suit the snow conditions and your level of comfort. Some snowblowers have multiple speeds and gears that allow you to adjust the speed easily.

Use a steady pace

Use a steady pace when moving the snowblower forward, and avoid jerky movements or sudden stops. This will ensure that the snowblower clears the snow effectively and safely.

Clear snow in rows

Clear snow in rows, overlapping each pass slightly, to ensure that you cover the entire area evenly. Keep the snowblower blade close to the ground to pick up all the snow.

Avoid throwing snow toward people or cars

Avoid throwing snow toward people or cars, and direct the chute away from any bystanders or obstacles.

Use caution on inclines

Use caution when using a snowblower on inclines or slopes, as it can be more difficult to control the machine in these conditions. Consider using a smaller, lighter snowblower or a shovel to clear snow in these areas.

Using a snowblower can be an effective way to clear snow from your property. By following these simple steps and taking the necessary safety precautions, you can use a snowblower safely and efficiently.

Summing Up

As the winter season approaches, you should quickly decide between buying a snow blower before you find your property fully covered with snow.


If you have gone through consumer reports best snow blowers, buying the most suitable snow blower would be easier for you. So, place your order today and enjoy the quick and effortless removal of snow from the driveways.